Phoenician Cafe

Phoenician Cafe

Phoenician Cafe is one of the best cafes that you can visit, as it enjoys the lowest prices in the United Arab Emirates, and it has strong lighting throughout.
Phoenician Cafe is one of the best cafes that you can choose as it has excellent customer service and it also contains many waiters who can help you.
Phoenician Cafe has a wide range and you can also accompany children of small ages, Phoenician Cafe is also suitable for the elderly who want to rest and relax

Phoenician Cafe is one of the cafes that makes you feel at home. There is a large list of the most important types of food you like, and there is a list of the most important hot and cold drinks, which we will show you later.

Phoenician Cafe
Phoenician Cafe

information for Phoenician Cafe :-

Phone number : 07 2354442
Cuisines : Cafe, Breakfast , Outdoor Seating
Average Cost : AED 60 for two people (approx.)
Cash and Cards accepted
Opening hours : Today 10am – 12midnight
Address : Lobby Level, Al Dar Inn Hotel Apartments, Al Kharran, Ras al-Khaimah

menu of about some Drinks:-

  • American coffee: 10 AED
  • Cafe latte: 10 AED
  • Cappuccino: 10 AED
  • Turkish coffee: 7 AED
  • Nescafe: 7 AED
  • Nescafe With milk: 10 AED
  • Karak : 10 AED
  • Helba : 7 AED
  • Helba with milk: 10 AED
  • Hot chocolate: 10 AED
  • Hot Milk: 10 AED
  • Red tea / green tea – yansoon/ Karkade : 7 AED
  • Zaatar / ginger: 10 AED
  • Moroccan tea: 10 AED

There are a lot of drinks that contain all tastes
Offers prices and breakfasts and lunches as different breakfast meals and dinners and lunches

Some Of Reviews about Al Nafoora cafe :-

Tried this cafe as we were checked in a hotel. Ordered food for dinner and breakfast. Tried their Alfredo chicken pasta and Alfredo shrimp pasta. Both were deliciously different, the shrimp pasta was more creamy and the chicken pasta had more of tasty spices because of the chicken. Ordered spring roll for start, it was okay, not great plus it was oily. I also ordered a banana milkshake which was oh so yummy.

For breakfast tried their pancakes and Spanish omellete. Pancakes were pancakes, loved the syrup, honey and some other sauce they gave along with it and the butter as well. The Spanish omellete tasted great but was a lil over done and had way too much cheese. the bread basket the came with it was abundant of Arabic bread.

Service was good and on time, food came hot and fresh. Didn’t disappont my expectation or my tummy.

Al Nafoora

Al Nafoora

Al Nafoora Cafe is one of the best restaurants that you can visit, as it enjoys the widening place and the place is suitable for all ages. If you are a business owner, you can make a business dinner with some drinks
If you are a university student, you can visit the place to enjoy your favorite drink with some of your friends
Al Nafoora Cafe provides you with comfortable sessions, as well as lighting for your business and relaxing ambience
Al Nafoora Cafe provides you with special councils if you love smoking, and it also provides places to take children of young ages.

There are arenas for birthdays, and you can rent the cafe to enjoy the privacy you like.

Al Nafoora
Al Nafoora

What services does a cafe provide?

the cafe provide a lot of services like Breakfast- Wheelchair Accessible – Outdoor Seating- Kid Friendly -Desserts and Bakes – Indoor Seating – WiFi

information for that place :-

Phone number : +971 4 3 444451
Opening hours:  7:30am – 11pm
Cuisines : Cafe, Desserts, Australian
Average Cost : AED 215 for two people (approx.)
Cash and Cards accepted
Address: Villa 98, Street 12 D, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Stomping Grounds Menu:-

  • Specialty tea : 21
  • Spiced chai latte: 23
  • Dirty chai latte: 32
  • Green tea: 19
  • Mint tea: 19
  • English breakfast: 19
  • Jarden de Merveilles: 21
  • Freshly Squeezed Juice: 28
  • Cucumber Mojito : 24
  • Mean Green: 32
  • Stomping Iced tea: 26
  • Coke Regular: 17
  • Schweppes Ginger Ale: 19
  • Water: 14 /25

The cafe also serves some delicious cuisine, such as breakfast or light lunch, and this meal attracts many

Some Of Reviews about Al Nafoora cafe :-

  • the breakfast options are strong with the usual suspects available on offer. However, there is an twist to be found somewhere. Featured in my photos is the charcoal activated cilbir with poached eggs, chilli oil and pomegranate seeds. This is a modernised version of the well-known Turkish eggs dish accompanied with two planks of buttered toast. A minor quibble that I have is I think that two pieces of toast for a substantial breakfast dish like this is a little shy of what it could be. I recommend they provide more toast with this dish. Also, the charcoal is undetectable but perhaps that is a good thing. 

At a touch over 50 dirhams, this is a good value breakfast dish which kept me full easily until the very late afternoon. The presentation is striking due to the vivid colour contrast and taste wise I was very happy with this as it was not too spicy. 
Not featured (but totally enjoyed) was also a fresh carrot juice
I would gladly return to stomping grounds. 

  • Came here for brunch last week. We ordered the acai bowl, chicken burger, affogato and skinny fries. The chicken burger was very tasty however I was pretty disappointed with the acai bowl. It was extremely small for the price of 50 AED and I was extremely surprised by it. The rest of the food was good. Really enjoyed the affogato as well as the ambience